About us

The Landmark Infratech is a premier real estate developer in Mangalore promoted by SS Realty providing comprehensive residential and commercial projects across real estate categories. Under the dynamic and pragmatic leadership of Mr. G Shabeer and Mr. Suresh Khanchandani, the city of Mangalore knows us as a legacy with high impact in the business of building and construction. Their combined efforts along with great motivational skills and expertise are consistently mounting us to be one of the most competitive enterprises in the Construction industry. Having successfully managed multiple businesses spanning across textile and real estate sectors, Mr Shabeer and Mr Suresh are responsible for overall management of the company. Mr. G Shabeer is one of the directors of Shalimar Builders & Promoters, a leading Real Estate company with prestigious Commercial & Residential Projects under their belt, while Mr Khanchandani is a serial entrepreneur who holds key positions in companies like ND Textiles and SS Realty. Mr Khanchandani is now foraying into the development of premium industrial parks across India under the banner of Antonov Spaces whose flagship project covering 1.5 million sq. ft. would be launched in Bhiwandi in November.

At Landmark Infratech, we strive to lead in innovative designs and engineering in creating Landmark residential and commercial complexes. With a strong belief in providing total customer safety and security, our team constantly explores new technologies to provide the highest levels of quality and services.

The combination of Prime Location, Aesthetic Design, Optimum use of space and excellence of construction with an affordable Price is the hallmark of landmark Infratech Value for Money proposition. Landmark projects are a sophisticated blend of quality craftsmanship with innovative floor plans to meet your changing lifestyle needs.

Our Founder

Landmark Infratech Real Estate Development Company in Mangalore promoted by SS Realty was founded by the partnership of G. Shabeer and Suresh Khanchandani. Shabeer and Suresh share a common vision in development and passion for the business.

Mr Shabeer possesses 20 years of experience in real estate industry achieving excellence in building and construction projects and Mr Khanchandani is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully managed multiple businesses spanning across real estate sectors. With their seamless knowledge and guiding vision of Real Estate market in Mangalore, Mr Shabeer and Mr Suresh continue to spearhead the overall business strategies of the Company. Their committed focus on the continuous development of the company has achieved excellence in building and construction projects that transform the quality of life.

With deep roots in the community, Shabeer and Suresh have a keen ability to see the big picture. Their expertness for branding and business, in addition to their passion for real estate, led to the formation of their own real-estate development company. Thus Landmark Infratech promoted by SS Realty has seen good results and is actively working on projects in the spaces of Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use.

Our vision is to achieve new innovations with every venture we undertake and to scale new heights. Strengthening the confidence by meeting customer needs based on trust, transparency and better efficiency.

Landmark group Mangalore offers construction projects using progressive techniques that offer the best value for the customer. These are and will continue to be centred around values that ensure better relationships with clients and associates, enhance the city as whole

The values found in our brand are substantiated by the company’s ambition, innovation and commitment. Over the period, Landmark Infratech has evolved into an eminent construction company with an impeccable reputation for creating world class architectural marvels with state-of-the-art amenities in Mangalore. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive range of services by revolutionizing industry practices and standards. Our innovative design and construction is renowned by experts as being one of the best in the business.

The Landmark group follows fair and ethical business practices and delivers what it promises. Customer Trust is an important component of any relationship. Our motive to attain success is to make our clients happy and satisfied.

Our transparency policy means you get efficiency, integrity and effectiveness you want in your new home with well documented processes, procedures and guidelines. We put all our attributes upfront, so the only surprise you get when you buy a Landmark Infratech space is comprehensive, comfortable and compelling.

We Strive

At Landmark Infratech, our values revolve around transparency and quality, where all projects are managed with utmost responsibility to fulfill our vision. We’re passionate about what we do, and are committed to giving you the best flat experience in Mangalore you’ll treasure for life. Our flats don’t just look beautiful, they’re built to last for generations. When it comes to building the best flats, we seek to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety at every stage of the construction process.

At the heart of the company’s culture is client trust and confidence. Landmark Infratech is renowned for its open and transparent processes, which guarantee the company conducts itself in an ethical manner. We are committed to excellence and provide the best services for its clients and stakeholders. Our customers commend the way we work and trust us to deliver what we promise. We understand our success is dependent them.

Our in-depth local knowledge allows us to identify potential investments where others cannot. We imbibe loyalty into every transaction and understand that every deal or development needs a distinctive approach and a singular focus.

Understanding that real estate is by its very nature “ON SITE”, we are close to the ground in every sense. With a legacy spanning 20 years, we have long-standing reputation as a leading builder in Mangalore.

We have time and again witnessed quick development of the areas in which we have undertaken construction projects. This has always led to unprecedented value appreciation of our client investment, in addition to providing them with every facility at their door-step by the time their home is ready for occupation.

Customer Speak

Quality Assurance

Quality Standards at landmark are one of the best of its class and kind. At each stage of the construction, we have quality checks and sign-offs that disallow any kind of quality errors or loop-holes to creep in. Each home we create stands testimony to the extreme care and precision that have gone into each of the stages of construction.

Landmark Infratech upholds its commitment to delivering high quality projects. Our experts work under a model of continuous improvement and follow construction practices that involve cutting edge methodologies. Apart from providing comfort and safety, our projects also embrace the vision of being a sustainable business. Our project completion strategy provides our customers and their families with a smooth handover process.

We have the unique feature of being involved at all stages of the projects. We value superior value to customers, team members and business partners. Constant innovation and creativity in business is our philosophy. At Landmark, we believe that upgrading our skill sets and constant research is what gives us the edge.

Our team understands that developing project is not just the matter of Construction, it about providing homely environment, satisfying the buyer’s emotion value their money and delivering dreams. We committed to satisfy every customer's need for a better experience through quality construction and employee contentment.